Consulting and IT Strategy

Advising senior management teams is our specialty.  Because many of us have served on senior management teams, we help troubleshoot and manage to long term needs that serve your business, and your budget.

  • IT Security Strategy
  • IT Ecosystem Design
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Relocation Strategy

COMPLY WITH ME: Security Compliance
A Validus Client Story

Validus had recently acquired a solid managed services client with a basic contract, a steady workflow and a seemingly stable IT environment.  But technology environments, as we know, can change in an instant.  We had just begun our engagement when their industry experienced a devastating security breach. Luckily the company and its clients weren’t harmed.

So we celebrated crisis avoidance and being prepared—but just for a quick moment. Because the real challenge was still in our near future.

This industry breach caused a change in industry oversight, requiring our new client to immediately review and revamp their compliance program. Overnight we went from managed services partner to executive advisory consultant developing security strategy for a healthy future.

The required compliance levels were complex.  Fortunately, several on the team had vast experience in developing corporate policies and procedures that exceeded industry standards. We worked closely with executives to develop guidelines and processes that allowed for systematic and reliable methods for IT management.

With our partners, we developed an Information Security Policy; security enforcement policies and procedures; plans for separation of controls; and automated tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities to satisfy evidence requirements of the new compliance landscape.

These documents and processes live on, as part of our ongoing contract with our partners.   The work requires maintenance and updates as requirements continue to tighten, and we consider it part of our mission to keep this company ahead of the curve in their IT policy.

Those documents, in their totality, are fondly referred to as the ABEL BIBLE, after Founder Abel Silva.  We’re pretty proud of that.